Pricing for Building/Asset Surveys

Pricing for Building/Asset Surveys

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phone UK:0161 818 4683   phone US:408 890 2192

Pricing for Building/Asset Surveys

Building Survey Tool: Pricing for Building/Asset Surveys

Pricing for Building/Asset Surveys

Get a complete end-to-end survey system for a low-cost annual subscription and a one-off fee for one of our industrial strength survey templates.

Avoid expensive re-keying of data and save a huge amount of time and money by using our modern mobile data collection method for the increasingly popular Android devices.

Up Front Pricing

Unlike most other companies selling powerful software similar to ours, we like to be up front with our pricing, but please contact us for a detailed explanation of prices if you have a particular survey project in mind.

  • PS Pro Edition... £500 ($800) per user, per year, plus a one-off survey module fee.

There are very generous discounts for multiple users. Please add VAT if it is applicable in your country.

You will not find any product as powerful as ours for the same price - if you do let us know.

Survey the Smart Way more_vert

Use our flexible mobile asset management and building surveying software to manage and report on your complex data collection projects.

A wide range of built-in import, export and reporting tools make PocketSurvey the perfect software for large data collection projects.

Our surveying modules are fully customisable by yourself. We can also further enhance any survey module with specialised reports and dashboards.

Be smart... "Collect Data NOT Paper!"

Download PS Mobile for FREE from the App Store to try over 30 ready-to-go professional surveying templates. No login in required, just download and start experimenting.

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Join our mailing list if you want to try the most powerful mobile building surveying app you will find. Halve surveying time and double your survey output by producing reports in seconds

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Internet Demonstrations done

Spend just 40 minutes looking at a demonstration of our mobile surveying software tools and you will not regret it.

You will find out how to save huge of amounts of money and time by avoiding needless data entry from paper, and produce your client reports with a single click.

We do Internet demonstrations via our on-line conference facility most days.

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Be SMART... Collect Data NOT Paper!
Building Survey Tool: Pricing for Building/Asset Surveys