Sample Survey Report Templates

Sample Survey Report Templates

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Sample Survey Report Templates

Building Survey Tool: Sample Survey Report Templates

Sample Survey Report Templates

One of the great features about our Pocket Survey tool is that, apart from the standard reporting features included in the software, we can also produce custom reports to your exact specification.

Since we backup our software tool with a full support service (SaaS), custom reports can often be produced for you within the normal software subscription price.

Below are some examples of reports, either included in out standard software package or as a result of a customisation request.

All these reports were automatically produced with a single click from data collected out in the field on a mobile smart phone.

Building Condition Survey/Inspection Report

The PS Building Condition survey module captures location, condition, defects, spot repair costs, priorities, comments, sketches, building photographs and photographs for each building element. Collect data for immediate reporting for both commercial and residential buildings. This survey can be customised to be simpler or more complex depending on your requirements

==> Click for Building Condition report <==

Dilapidations Survey/Inspection Report

The PS Dilapidations survey module captures building information, item/element descriptions, locations, condition, defects, condition, work costs, priority, photographs, sketches, and comments. Collect data for immediate reporting for both commercial and residential buildings.

==> Click for Dilapidations report <==

HHSRS Housing Health & Safety Survey/Inspection Report

The Housing Health and Safety Rating System (HHSRS or the Rating System) is the Government's new approach to the evaluation of the potential risks to health and safety from any deficiencies identified in dwellings.

The PS HHSRS survey module helps you ensure that residential premises provides a safe and healthy environment for any potential occupier or visitor.

==> Click for HHSRS Rating System report <==

Construction Checklist Report

The NHBC construction checklist report is just one example of ANY checklist report that you can configure to create your own checklists. The great thing with the PS Checklist survey module is that you get it free with a PocketSurvey subscription.

==> Click for Checklist report <==

Other Reports

Streamline Your Business

We have many more examples to show you, but if you send us your question set, or sample of the report you are trying to produce, we can normally create a prototype system for you in a few days - no obligation.

You could be using a modern Android mobile data collection system with a week that meets you exact requirements - at a fraction of the cost of any other product/company you may find on the web.

Simply fill out the form on this page or ring us to see how you can be streamlining your business in a very short time, and at a very reasonable cost.

Survey the Smart Way more_vert

Use our flexible mobile asset management and building surveying software to manage and report on your complex data collection projects.

A wide range of built-in import, export and reporting tools make PocketSurvey the perfect software for large data collection projects.

Our surveying modules are fully customisable by yourself. We can also further enhance any survey module with specialised reports and dashboards.

Be smart... "Collect Data NOT Paper!"

Download PS Mobile for FREE from the App Store to try over 30 ready-to-go professional surveying templates. No login in required, just download and start experimenting.

Need Bespoke Systems? more_vert

If you need something really special we can write a bespoke mobile surveying system for you in a matter of days.

We produce mobile data collection systems faster than any other company, and they will often include professional Word and Excel based reports , which are produced in seconds with a click of a button.

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Spend just 40 minutes looking at a demonstration of our mobile surveying software tools and you will not regret it.

You will find out how to save huge of amounts of money and time by avoiding needless data entry from paper, and produce your client reports with a single click.

We do Internet demonstrations via our on-line conference facility most days.

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Be SMART... Collect Data NOT Paper!
Building Survey Tool: Sample Survey Report Templates