Condition Survey & Reporting Software for Smart Android Devices

Condition survey software for surveyors & surveying practices who need to collect data out on site using mobile tablets & phones. For building condition surveying, facilities management asset data collection & housing stock condition surveys

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Survey Software & Mobile App For Condition Surveying

Save time and money when undertaking any building condition survey project. This software is the most affordable Android data collection app you will fine - especially for busy surveyors.

Survey the condition of your building assets in great detail, along with photographs, twice as fast as any other survey tool, and save 90% of time in the office with our unique one-click reporting.

You can use cheaper Android smart phones and tablets to collect data out in the field effortlessly. Then you can co-ordinate the data from multiple surveyors, using our free Cloud transfer technology, and produce consolidated reports on your own desktop PC in a few seconds.

No login required. No need to set-up a web account. Just download from the Google Play Store and try the fully featured condition survey templates free of charge. Contact us if you need any help along the way.

 Download Condition Survey App

Off-the-Shelf Conditon Survey Templates

We have a full range of building condition survey templates that you can try out immediately.

Start collecting data now using your Android mobile phone or tablet without having sales people hassle you. All our prices are published clearly so you know what to expect should you choose to go ahead with the software.

Take your time, and when you are ready, get in touch with us for a personal no-obligation online demonstration.

Our unique display technology means you can use the smaller form-factor mobile phones as easily as tablets (no need for expensive iPads anymore!).



Compliance Risk Assessment Software


Fully Customisable Survey Templates & Reports

With a few decades of experience in the surveying industry, our expert support team can customise any survey template to suit your exact requirements and organisation branding.

No need to pay the high prices for branded reports charged by other products and companies. Since we do not charge for each report you can produce unlimited reports with your subscription.

Free Survey Design Service - Try Us Out

If you need a survey creating that is not found in our off-the-shelf survey templates, simply send us your question set as Word or Excel document and we will produce a working prototype in a matter of days for you.

Yes DAYS! We are the only company that can produce and industrial strength survey in days rather than week or months.

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