Building Inspections & Preventative Maintenance

Building Inspections & Preventative Maintenance

Building Inspections & Preventative Maintenance

The cost of carrying out a comprehensive programme of planned preventative maintenance and building inspections can be reduced dramatically by using our survey design and data collection suite.

Endless variety of buildings

Because building inspections involve a wide range of buildings (residential, large modern multi-storey, listed buildings, etc) a paper based survey form often becomes very complicated.

With our software suite, complex surveys can be designed to capture varied data and yet the data input still appears simple to the collector. This is because with our software suite the survey becomes dynamic, with only pertinent questions be asked according to the type of building being inspected.

Reduced costs

The benefits of using computerised building inspections and data capture using our software suite are so great that the first inspection you do will probably pay for your first system.

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Building Inspections & Preventative Maintenance