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Decent Homes Survey

Decent Homes Survey

Decent Homes Survey

Our market leading and comprehensive decent homes survey covers: GENERAL DWELLING DETAILS, FITNESS, REPAIR, FACILITIES, and THERMAL COMFORT. It automatically scores you properties and prouder a 5, 10 and 30 year plan.

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General Dwelling Details

The details in this part of the survey are not part of the Decent Homes Standard requirements. However, they are used to control and guide your progress through the rest of the survey.


All questions in this section relate to the first of four criteria that must be met in order for a dwelling to be regarded as a decent home: does it meet the current statutory minimum standard for housing?


This section relates to Criterion b of the Decent Homes guide: the state of repair and age of building components.

Building components are the structural parts of a dwelling (e.g. wall structure, roof structure), other external elements (e.g. roof covering, chimneys) and internal services and amenities (eg kitchens, heating systems). Key building components are those, which, if in poor condition, could have an immediate impact on the integrity of the building and cause further deterioration in other components. They are the external components plus internal components that have potential safety implications and include:

Each question in this section requires condition and age information to be entered.


This section relates to Criterion C of the Decent Homes guide: Facilities and services.

A dwelling is considered not to meet this criterion if it lacks three or more of the following facilities:

Thermal Comfort

This section relates to Criterion d of the Decent Homes guide: Thermal comfort. The revised definition requires a dwelling to have both:

Reports on the Handheld

The decent home surveys take full advantage of the new features in PocketSurvey® 2004 such as menu scoring and full formatted reporting capabilities on the handheld while you out in the field.

Opposite is an example report that can be viewed on the handheld immediately after a decent homes survey has been undertaken.

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