Using Handhelds in Health Care Data Collection

Using Handhelds in Health Care Data Collection

Using Handhelds in Health Care Data Collection

Healthcare industries and healthcare facilities management contractors have increasingly diverse needs for fast & efficient data collection to monitor their service delivery effectivenes.

Reduce Costs

By using our data collection and survey design software suite in conjunction with handheld computer, such as Casio and Surface Pros, you can improve the quality and consistency of information collected and also reduces the costs of collection and processing.

The range of applications in healthcare is huge such as asset tracking, patient satisfaction surveys, menu selection, bedding supplies, hygiene monitoring, catering requirements, quality audits, staff availability. Because the data collection is so efficient you can concentrate on analysing the results and improving performance,

Creating Customised Surveys in Healthcare

Customised survey forms for any area can be designed on you desktop PC for transfer to handheld computers. Since the survey design is menu driven no programming skills are required for survey design.

Then your Mobile data collection work forces collect the data at source and transfer it back to office for subsequent analysis. All his can be done without extensive training as the software is so easy to use and rarely doe the IT department need to get involved.

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Using Handhelds in Health Care Data Collection