Internet Enabled - Eliminate Office Visits

Internet Enabled - Eliminate Office Visits

Internet Enabled - Eliminate Office Visits

With PocketSurvey your Mobile workers can be more productive and stay 'out in the field' for longer.

With only a standard connection to the Internet, on the desktop or handheld computer, you can unleash the power of the 'state of the art' Mobile data communications built into PocketSurvey. Eliminate office visits, improve turnaround and get immediate results

Receive New Surveys & Work Schedules

The administrator of the desktop software can send new surveys and schedules of work to a central server for one or more workers. These in turn can be downloaded by Mobile workers at their own convenience and at a time best suited to their work schedule.

Collate Results from Multiple Users

The desktop software is designed to accommodate multiple Mobile workers uploading data to central server. New survey results can be retrieved from one more Mobile workers quickly and easily. The results can then be collated and consolidated ready for import into your back-end management systems.

Send Surveys Results Back To Base

Each Mobile worker can log on to their own area on a central server and upload the results of their data collection work. A whole day's work can be uploaded back to base in a matter of minutes allowing new surveys to be started immediately without visiting the office.

Configurable for Each Mobile Worker

Each Mobile worker has his or her own workspace on the central server.

For those companies who do not have a central Internet Server, Handheld Systems Ltd can provide such a service at a reasonable cost.

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Internet Enabled - Eliminate Office Visits