Pocket Survey Tool Videos

Pocket Survey Tool Videos

Pocket Survey Tool Videos

Take a look at some of the videos of our pocket survey tool and how some of our ready-made surveys work on Android devices, at our YouTube video channel.

If you want and online demonstration of any part of the system, please get in touch and we can demonstrate the whole system on your desktop over the Internet.

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PS Asbestos

PS Asbestos is software for asbestos surveying & asbestos management that helps you undertake and manage asbestos surveys, according to HSG264, using the latest mobile handheld technology.

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PS Condition

PS Condition is schedule of condition type of survey, aimed at residential buildings but can be easily adapted to cover commercial, retail and office buildings. It is a good starting point, especially if you intend to develop your own surveys.

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PS Stock Condition

PS Stock Condition is a full stock condition survey, aimed at residential buildings but can be easily adapted to cover commercial, retail and office buildings. It is not hampered by the awkwardness and inadequacies of the decent homes standard. However, you can link in the separate PS HHSRS survey if required.

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PS Decency - Decent Homes

PS Decency is a survey to check for Decent Homes compliance. It covers all the elements specified by the Government's Decent Homes Standard but is not a full blown stock condition survey, because the Government standard falls short of that. It is a less comprehensive survey than PS Stock Condition or PS Housing.

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PS Housing - Decent Homes & Stock Condition

PS Housing is a complete software package for housing stock condition surveys with lifecycle cost planning of building assets an and assessment according to the country's quality standard. (There are separate versions or England, Scotland and Wales that vary due to the nature of the specified Government standard.)

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The PS HHSRS is a fully compliant Housing Health and Safety Rating System as required by government legislation. This is now a mandatory part of the Decent Homes assessment and replaces the old Fitness standard.

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The PS HHRT is a Healthy Homes Rating Tool for assessing the health and safety and risks associated with the American housing environments.

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PS Voids

PS Voids is aimed at surveying social housing buildings at the end of a tenancy.

PS Dilapidations

PS Dilapidations is similar to the voids survey.

PS Inventory Inspection

PS Inspection is for interim inspections of rented accommodation such as Property Inventories, Check Ins, Check Outs, Mid Term Inspections. Details of this module are not available yet. PS DDA

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Pocket Survey Tool Videos