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Planned Property Maintenance Surveys

Planned Property Maintenance Surveys

Planned Property Maintenance Surveys

Local housing associations often need to produce a long term maintenance plans and stock condition survey reports when housing associations change property ownership.

Cost of data collection

Carrying such surveys out on paper forms is very inefficient and costly with the overhead of re-keying can lead to unreliable survey data. By using Android & Windows Tablets in conjunction with our survey design and data collection software suite you can collect accurate results quickly and efficiently without re-keying data.

By using electronic data collection and capturing data at source using our software suite means that large-scale surveys are as easy as small scale ones.

Convert from paper forms easily

Paper questionnaire forms can be transferred almost identically onto the handheld pocket computers. In fact you can easily add more detailed questions and collect more important data that could be missed when using paper based collection methods.

Furthermore, you can integrate detailed 'schedule of rates' with the survey and transfer these to the handheld. This will save many hours of tedious manual calculations as the pricing of work is actually done as the survey is carried out in the field!

Complex survey designs

If you need help setting up a complex survey design our trained staff are ready to help with our training courses or our bespoke survey design service.

Analysis of results

The data collected through our software suite can be quickly imported into any database package such as Microsoft Access and analysed further. We can help you write specially data analysis system if you do not poses the in-house database skills. We can also design custom web-based systems when the analysis can be Accesses via your company Intranet.

Increased Efficiency

Survey designs are easy to change and fast to transfer to your handheld device. The integrity if you collected data is assured with the unique 'crash protection' feature that means your users can pick up part of the way through a survey even if their Android & Windows Tablet crashed.

Using our survey design and data collection software suite you are likely to achieve greatly increased throughput, faster and more accurate results - with fewer staff out in the field!

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