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Using Survey Design & Mobile Data Collection

Using Survey Design & Mobile Data Collection

Using Survey Design & Mobile Data Collection

Our software suite encompassing end-user survey design and mobile data collection is here to help you achieve your demanding targets in a range of industry sectors.

Property Management & Asset Tracking

Effective commercial property management requires you to be able to accurately forecast future expenditure as assets fall due for repair of reach the end of their expected life.

To become far more efficient and to cope with the same workload a computerises survey design and data collection solution is required. Our survey design & data collection software suite can capture this information in a logical and structure way.

Stock Condition Surveys

Large-scale stock condition surveys often require on-site data collection by number of different surveying companies. Furthermore inspection of thousands of houses throughout a county or country requires consistent and accurate data collection. Our software suite can provide consistent data collection at an economical price for both private and public sector housing organisations.

Disabled Access Audit - Disability Access Surveys

Conforming to the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) is a task ideally suited to using an electronic audit tool. Surveying buildings and commercial properties to ensure adequate disability access is easy with PocketSurvey's disabled access audit module.

Our disability access software enables accurate, error-free, consistent, and fast collection of audit data using electronic data capture. Our disabled access survey collects all the data you need to help improve access to existing buildings.

The in-built reporting and database modules of PocketSurvey means you do not need to commission an expensive bespoke database development project.

PockeSurveys' Disabled Access Audit is ready to go! What's more you can run the disabled access survey alongside you existing Stock Condition and Repairs and Maintenance surveys.

Data Collection in Healthcare

Most healthcare industries have a mobile data collection requirement but creating customised surveys can be very time consuming and costly. Now you can cut costs dramatically using our survey design and data collection suite of software.

Our survey design and data collection software suite is ideal if you are looking for software to design data collection surveys on desktop PCs and then collect the data on handheld devices such as the Compaq iPAQ or any pocket pc, running Windows CE.

Property Maintenance Surveys

Local housing associations often need to produce long-term maintenance plans and stock condition survey reports when housing associations change property ownership.

Carrying such surveys out on paper forms is very inefficient and costly with the overhead of re-keying can lead to unreliable survey data. By using pocket PCs in conjunction with our survey design and data collection software suite you can collect accurate results quickly and efficiently without re-keying data.

Building Inspections & Preventative Maintenance

The cost of carrying out a comprehensive programme of planned preventative maintenance and building inspections can be reduced dramatically by using our survey design and data collection suite.

Because building inspections involve a wide range of buildings (residential, large modern multi-storey, listed buildings, etc) a paper based survey form often becomes very complicated.

Contract Documentation - Bills of Quantities

Many contract documents such as 'bills of quantities', 'bill of materials', 'work instructions', 'maintenance instructions' are hand written on site and then typed up at the office.

This is inefficient. With our survey design and data capture software suite you can eliminate expensive re-keying forever! It is the proven alternative and leads to reduced labour costs and held you manage increased workloads. Simply collect data on your hand-held computer and link back to an MS Access database in the office for your final analysis.

Service Delivery & Best Practice

Public sector landlords and housing associations are now required to adopt the process of continuous improvement and best practice monitoring. Furthermore accurate stock condition surveys and detailed long-term stock investment plans are becoming increasingly important for improved service delivery.

Site Inspections

Equip your site inspectors with handheld computer such as the Compaq iPAQ, add our data collection software and use our survey design software on the PC and you can improve communications, reduce costs and empower your mobile workforce.

Landscape Maintenance

Landscape construction and maintenance companies often have large numbers of mobile maintenance teams our in the filed. Managing these teams, collating the data they collect, scheduling work and reporting back to clients is a difficult task that is ideally suited to our survey design and data collection software suite.

Logging Day-to-day Repairs

Quality inspections of housing stock are a continual process required of most housing associations. The standard approach of filling in a paper based questionnaire tick list cannot keep pace with the increasing workload.

Furthermore the extensive re-keying of data back at the office means that essential repair work and work instructions are delayed. Worse that this, much of the data collected never looked at, resulting in wasted effort.

Use the handheld computer for data collection on site and then transfer the data back to the office electronically and you can eliminate this wasted effort and begin to produce positive actions plans based on the survey results.

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