Comprehensive Integrated Survey Reporting

Comprehensive Integrated Survey Reporting

Comprehensive Integrated Survey Reporting

Are you looking for Mobile data capture software that also has comprehensive and integrated survey reporting features without having to resort to a bespoke data base development?

Does you existing data capture solution frustrate you by hiding YOUR data away in proprietary and expensive 'locked-in' systems?

Are you finding new software updates never come, even though you have paid for annual maintenance? When was the last time you had a beneficial update from your current software providers?

Well things have changed! The new generation software for data capture and integrated reporting is here NOW. It is called PocketSurvey Designer™, PocketSurvey Mobile™ and PocketSurvey Reporter™. Everything a Mobile surveyor needs from a leading Mobile software solutions provider.

Report Generator

PocketSurvey is so powerful it can produce its own report specification. Report templates can be produced by anyone - no knowledge of databases, programming, or any IT skills are required. Simply answer a few questions about what kind of report you would like and then let PocketSurvey Reporter do the rest. In minutes you have a report program that would take days to produce by any other means.

Interactive Reports

No need to make your reports fixed and prescriptive. PocketSurvey Reporter has features that allow users to decide each time they request a report exactly what they want.

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Comprehensive Integrated Survey Reporting