Design Your Own Surveys

Design Your Own Surveys

Design Your Own Surveys

Our software suite has an optional survey design module that lets create your own surveys and then deploy them on smart handheld devices such as Samsung Android smart phones and tablets.

Easy-to-Use - Secure

It is very easy-to-use and does not require any programming knowledge to be able to design complex data collection surveys. Collecting the data is easy too with our unique backup and 'crash recovery' system, ensuring not data is lost out in the field.

Error Free Data for Other Systems

Because data is collected 'at source' transcription errors are a thing of the past and once uploaded to your PC via the Cloud, the data is ready for analysis by software programs such as Access, SQL Server, FoxPro and Excel or our own powerful database and reporting system.

Help is at Hand - Custom Survey Design

If your survey design or data analysis requirement is complex, Handheld Systems Ltd have a team of professionals ready to help you with end-user training, technical support, bespoke survey design or data analysis.

We can help you achieve your data collection requirement on time and within budget - we can give you a fixed price quote.

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Design Your Own Surveys